Crude Oil Consumption = Weakens Magnetic Field + H20 Loss?

The whole thing summarized for everyone to understand:
1. Crude oil consumption weakens the Earth’s magnetic field – through the consumption of ferrofluids

2. It will get hotter by minimizing the heliosphere/magnetic field/stratosphere (getting thinner).

3. Why does the ISS (International Space Station) team find plankton on the outside window? Complete loss of atmosphere (H20) into space.

4. Future water shortages across the planet?

This NASA-Video show the Venus! In the left you can see the strong magnetic field of Venus.

The industrial age needs crude oils, which have a physical property, namely that of ferrofluids. Because they are equipped with nanoparticles with magnetic properties. Thus, they amplify a magnetic field of a planet. The Federal Office for Export (BAFA) was notified by me last year in Feb 2023. According to them, they have never carried out physical tests, but only chemical tests with crude oil. As well as a university of mining. After that, all communication broke off.

Here you can see a partial excerpt of Venus from the NASA Stereo Helio satellite: original video of ESA / Nasa (STEREO-A observes the Leonard Comet):

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