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Masks – or not? Recall the state parliament of bavaria? When the first speech is censored, the first thought forbidden – the first freedom denied – we are all irrevocably shackled!

For the purposes of the, the following applies:

      1. My transformation run: Swap aggression / fear reduction for joy, sweat and fun. Every Monday after work I like to run for myself to become a balanced, friendly person again. Sport frees you from aggression … ANNA training be prepared with and against COVID / HIV / cancer … also helps with rain / snow … Sport frees you from aggression … ANNA training be prepared with and against COVID / HIV / cancer … even in rain / snow … Disclaimer: Sport also causes diseases such as heart attacks, fractures, inflammation – there is no guarantee of a cure!
      2. a) Gerald Hüther: Loving each other increases the attractiveness … it is relevant to life … painting – artificial design …
        b) Gerald Hüther: people used as objects …
      3. Cpt. Picar (Star Trek) would also have worn childish headgear (pot holders with pompons) in a new civilization to communicate with these people. It is the same with masks (especially since it is a criminal offense without a mask). Please note and wear masks. Since this government does not want to have any knowledge of clinical hygiene and everyone gets infected in bus + train – which practice / clinic sterilizes (120 degrees Celsius under 60 min vacuum) the doorknobs after each patient? In Africa they had a doorknob problem with Ebola (for which there are medicines) …! (An atomic / biological / chemical = ABC weaponry suit from the military would have helped … whether an active filter system could catch atoms / viruses?). In Africa, parasite eggs, which are around 10,000-100,000 times larger than viruses, find their way through micro-wounds (fissures) in the spaces between the toes.
      4. One physicist strongly doubted: Is it possible for disinfectants to penetrate into the atomic virus nano-meter space? (Sunlight cannot do it!) – the folds of skin in the hand are a Mariana trench – where the “viruses” can hide? In addition, your environment permanently contaminates not only your hands, but also your whole body / clothing / eye mucosa and finds its way into your organism here. Furthermore, there is no technology to provide complete proof of this … see below in the lung volume.
      5. In the flood areas of the more than 20 communities (Ahrweiler) and 600 dead young people / children / babies who were washed ashore – people were afraid of contaminated drinking water + toxic mud that was in their shoes! – Nobody was wearing a mask. Furthermore it shows a total failure of an incapable government … Mayor video …
      6. 1000.000 votes for the Bavarian State Parliament wanted to be recalled – by everyone going to their town hall in Bavaria between October 14th and 27th and submitting their previously sent ballot paper for the referendum. Put an end to fear-induced people / actions …?
        In Addition:
        A) The central government in Berlin takes over the legal situation …? B) In the flood areas of the more than 20 communities in the Ahr Valley (NRW + RLP) and 600 dead young people / children / babies who were washed ashore – people were afraid of contaminated drinking water + toxic mud that was in their shoes! – Nobody was wearing a mask. Furthermore, it shows a total failure of an incapable federal state government … no / too late disaster warning to the citizens (large-scale deployment of the Bundeswehr did not take place!) Mayor video …

        C) Medical massages by physiotherapists without a prescription are punishable by law (prison) …! – Combination of different therapy techniques within a physiotherapy treatment ((only KG on the prescription – massages + neurotherapies + manual therapies, warmth …) are punishable …! Opitz Ministry of Health Opitz31.10.18.
        D) Prostitution – is legal in Germany … – pimps protected by house rules / tenancy law as landlords …
        E) Innovation is blocked: German military e.g .: submarine refueling sea water = fuel cells since 2005 – are there hydrogen filling stations at sea? Fusion reactors have been running in China for a long time …? (These do not go out by themselves, but are switched off!) That is why the Chinese can also implement large-scale construction projects for infrastructure in Africa …
        F) complete failure of the federal government in 20 years in Afghanistan = no infrastructure / learning systems integrated…
        G) Overriding the Basic Law … = All state authority comes from the people! Politicians will be neutralized … when the Basic Law comes into force. as a constitution = see Article 146 of the Basic Law
      7. Secret vaccination contract: 2.1 b) Agreement to Supply … = arbitrariness of the pham-giant towards the patient = experiment …
      8. US authority = National Institutes of Health: As early as 2014, the White House financed the WIV “Wuhan Institute of Virology” with approx. 500,000-666,000 USD annually! – see page 3 – on corona virus research in bats and their transmission to humans. 17b) 3 specific Corona project goals – see page 14: 1. High risk “wildlife” transmission to humans 2. Development of predictive risk and mass occurrence of Bat-CoV models 3. Prediction of CoV -Interspecies transmission
      9. European Virus Archive (for Universities / Health Authorities / Industry) paid over € 130,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2015 to 2019. Earmarked then another 90,000 € by 2023.
      10. World Health Organization WHO: Digital Vaccination Card – COVID-19 Certificate ...
      11. The digital identification of all people …
      12. Italy already has beautiful green passports … Athesia Druck GmbH “Demonstration against Green Passes” when will we see them in Germany?
      13. State Paul Ehrlich Institute for the monitoring of vaccinations – no longer answers the phone + does not answer any emails = is overrun ?:
      14. PEI safety report 07/31/21 …. deaths … = more side effects in 8 months of corona vaccination than from 2001-2019
      15. PEI safety report by 06/30/21 …
      16. BBC reporter Lisa Shaw dies after first vaccination against COVID …
      17. In Saxony (not even in SWITZERLAND!) You could shop in July / August without a mask requirement + stay overnight in hotels without COVID tests … unthinkable for Bavaria … only externally determined quick tests on the insecure smartphone apply here (data access (e.g. Date of birth) possible for everyone)!
      18. Mayor of Munich is congratulated for his courage for mask-free primary school students …
      19. Mask induced fatigue syndrome
      20. 500 UK deaths …
      21. USA 30 states abolish the mask requirement 
      22. German EM National Team COVID Vaccine are too dangerous …
      23. PEI reports = over 2000 deaths from thrombosis after COVID vaccinations; Guillain-Barré syndrome, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, thrombocytopenia / cerebral hemorrhage / thrombosis-with-thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after COVID vaccinations … serious side effects of the vaccination …. . 74 million vaccinated
      24. Prof. Dr. Bhakdi vaccination has no effect – since antibodies are not where the virus is – in the lungs – there are only scavenger cells (unspecific macrophages) and too little specific immune defense direct contact with the dead space and functional volumes of the lungs.
      25. Leibnitz Institut for Business – Science = “There was never an overload on Intensive-Care-Units”
      26. German Hospital Society and masks
      27. Max Planck Institute has the perspective – simple room ventilation of a classroom is highly effective … better than expensive room fans
      28. The inner surface of our gas exchange system = alveolar / pulmonary alveoli is 100 square meters x 1 cm depth = 0.001 cubic meter = 1 cubic decimeter = 1 liter (exchange limit). So try to search for viruses with an electron beam that is approx. 100 times thinner than a hair the volume of the lungs of 1 liter / (in the nanometer range (1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 nm3)). (To enable a cross-check of current biochemistry) In addition, there is also CONVECTION (MOVEMENT). The question is which mainframe computer on earth can display this volume of data from a single lung. The capillary vascular system (specific immune system) of the lungs is about 300 square meters. A physicist said: “I can look for aliens in space or for viruses with the electron microscope.”
      29. Herd immunity means experiencing an illness (e.g. TB) and passing along (droplet infection when talking / breathing) pathogens and their antibodies & T-helper cells = compatibility among people? (α & β receptor balance? + number of sensors (increased / blocked (inhibited) through endurance exercise and a healthy diet) Different blood groups – different immune systems? Study? But no technology for it?
        • Pathology report: forensic specialists Opposite view of the RKI = (an examination of the corpse should be prevented …)
        • 47 people died of 4789 registered SARS-COV-2 infections = 0.98%)
        • 97.5% of those who died had previous HKL diseases … (This means that the lungs are not properly ventilated (especially lower lung segments) = the best basis for pneumonia).
        • Ventilate your system do the ANNA training for adults (please observe your laws …  + Children – Introductory measures (in future) :

          – Saturday lessons + performance-oriented endurance sports on sports fields
          – Trainers go to kindergartens and are looking for the athletes of tomorrow to get excited about sports clubs + test + include … (autom. Away from soft drinks / alcohol / drugs … thanks to sore muscles & Co … :))

        • Average age of the deceased 74.2 years (STILL, YOUNG PEOPLE SHOULD ALSO train … butt up &  out into nature!)
      30. According to this article, COVID mRNA vaccinations could cause thrombosis– so compression is the best method of choice – if there is a thrombosis in the lower leg – this is swollen + tender on pressure + warm + possibly red to blue discoloration + skin is mostly tallowy – parchment-like. It becomes more difficult with a thrombosis in the cerebral veins (sinus vein). If you have lived through an illness – it is stored in the immune system for life – like with TB …
        Thesis: If Munich were to be vaccinated for a whole month, the ITS beds would be full with over 100-1000 sinus vein thromboses =?
      31. 18 year old woman  dies after mRNA vaccination: “Camilla era sana” neurosurgeon: “I have never seen such an extensive and severe thrombosis in the brain before.” + Italian Ministry of Health bans this mRNA product for vaccinations under 60 years of age.
      32. 57 doctors and scientists call for an immediate suspension of vaccinations against COVID
      33. 69 YEAR OLD dies one HOUR after vaccination – public prosecutor investigates …
      34. Efficiency factor of mRNA vaccination? Summary according to lines 36-38:
        Too low frequency of neutralizing antibodies after vaccination in older population – may need repeated vaccinations early … (mRNA are vaccinated several times in the same year in order to maintain a high antibody level against COVID?)
      35. Development Minister: Relationship to the Third World: “More people will die from the consequences of the lockdown than from the virus”
      36. TKKrankenkasse contradicts pandemic 2020: “Sick leave of 4.14 percent in 2020 was even below the values of previous years (2019 4.22 percent; 2018 4.25 percent)”
      37. Frankfurt medical officer pleads for an end to the test, surveillance and regulation mania
      38. Prof. Dr. Bhakdi vaccination has no effect – since antibodies are not where the virus is – in the lungs – there are only scavenger cells (unspecific macrophages) and too little specific immune defense direct contact with the dead space and functional volumes of the lungs.
      39. German EM national team doctor Corona vaccinations “too dangerous”
      40. Austrian doctor from Graz is dismissed =Stop cursing the dirt “and” stop killing people with it “.
      41. PEI Institute report = 407 suspected deaths after vaccination between the ages of 24-102 (some with multiple diseases …
      42. 32 year old woman died on COVID vaccines
      43. Relationship between thromboses & thrombocytopenias after a COVID vaccination with  …
      44. Italian police (Carabinieries) collect vaccine as a precaution …
      45. 13 year old boy died in the thrid night after COVID vaccine
      46. Helios Clinics COVID19 operation breath … ICU / ICM
      47. 100 doctors in Leipzig demonstrate against Corona measures – 90% of the operations did not take place in 2020 … How many people died of it?
      48. Next step of vaccines? Pentagon release nano chips as sensors for covid vaccination….
      49. Zurich child psychiatrist sounds the alarm – many depressions & more …
      50. Nanoparticles inside in organs …
      51. Neubrandenburg chief pediatrician gives a lecture on masks….
      52. In construction (in Germany), people do not have to wear masks … unless they are dealing with dust = silicosis (silicate lungs) 🙂 & (The children from the country are the most resistant …. Also live more in dirt (nature !!!))
      53. How many dirt bacteria live in your intestines and keep your metabolism up there? Over 1 million?
      54. Texas hat alles geöffnet ohne Tests essen gehen – nur Angestellte müssen …. – Inzidenzen gehen trotzdem nach oben – siehe confirmed cases?
      55. Sydney government takes off face masks … only if you have COVID …
      56. Minimize anxiety (are psychiatric hospitals overrun with anxiety psychoses?)
      57. Experience challenges / learning as an enrichment / discovery COVID immunization = increase? = Strengthen the immune system through ANNA training & reduce aggression with a positive change of focus (think of something nice) and use the ANNA training to work off yourself (also works against depression)
      58. implement loving action in Form of projects / dedication and thus counteract indifference and coldness – implement neighborhood help …
      59. Canada’s Ministry of Health warns of harmful graphene in masks
      60. The Vienna Administrative Court lifts CORONA restrictions on freedom of demonstration on March 24, 21. Since it cannot be restricted according to Art. 11 Para. 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). In addition, the court does not consider the FFP2 mask to be protectable / PCR tests not meaningful.
      61. Masks prevent our immune system from learning more = contamination – since we have good resistance to tuberculosis TBC today – we do not know what the future development of our immune system will look like.
      62. According to a physicist a room is enlarged by 6 times the mm in nm – so you can search for aliens in space or for pathogens at nm level … is the same 🙂
      63. Weimar District Court: Judgment 9 F 148/21 = mask requirement and rapid tests are prohibited at Weimar Schools and required to maintain normal school operations – masks also lead to psychological / physical / educational damage.
      64. An administrative law (Dr. Söder did his doctorate in this) is currently above the basic laws in Germany – this speaks for itself. – With a death rate with COVID19 of 0.1% – according to the epidemiologist Mrs. Dr. Lauterbach (EX-wife).
      65. If a little asthma spray COVID dilates bronchi – exercise is more intense than a remedy – because asthma patients have overcome their illness through exercise and no longer need a spray. So it is to be trained – but not overtrained – which applies to some who allow themselves too little recovery time and thus end in an exhaustion syndrome. Sport for children is also recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health. Which have a very good healing prognosis – or even asymptomatic.
      66. By filling in entry / transit forms / web portals that do not work and promises travelers a quarantine period of 10 days for entry into Austria (only applies to citizens who stay in Austria for more than 12 hours and not for transit traffic (travelers)) ( comparable to the exit applications of the GDR) (filled in replacement entry form in Germany is sufficient – because the web portal does not work – without Java (who did not switch it on in the browser …?) (showed no reaction :)). Anyone who does not fill it out pays a fine of € 250 and the RKI decides with a glass ball whether you have to be in quarantine. For Italy, fill in this form – ask your lawyer if you have to sign these forms? Since this looks like a declaration of consent. You definitely need a COVID19 test – which has been confirmed in writing by witnesses / at best by a medical certificate. This applies to 2021 – what the next few years will look like is questionable. Thus we slide into a black / white form of society = as vaccinated / not vaccinated / corona positive / negative. We humans don’t make tests. The definition of human consists in his own free creative thinking, acting, striving and creating self-determined solutions. Only narcissists are incapable of learning and criticism …?
        The quarantine exception regulation was tightened on May 11, 2021:
        – only 24h shuttle traffic and no longer 72h stay in Germany allowed as transit the old Bavarian exception regulation can still be viewed here …

        -The quarantine of the countries at their own discretion (individual decision according to §30 IFSG (exemption for public officials? Weapon bearers?)
        – 10-14 days quarantine (for vaccine test subjects probably 5?)

        Can someone please send these COVID variants here as an electron microscopy dataset ??? Where can you find it? Please no tables with any bars and numbers …  Disclaimer: Ask the relevant general embassy in Berlin for Italy / Austria / Germany – something can change here.

It is often observed that the minimum distances cannot be maintained by authorities / medical staff / rail travelers. When crossing the border, railway personnel do not need to have a COVID test or fill out any forms and either do not wear a (train driver) mask or only an operating theater mask … Bavarian police only wear an FFP2 mask every 75 min / 30 min break … where is the medical union? This includes joint liability, e.g. of Deutsche Bahn / regional transport companies. Most humans don’t understand this – but how do you want to integrate the cleanliness of an operating room into a completely contaminated environment like a high frequented train?