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Ebola Virus – without any Genome = RNA – Ions-Catching-System?

This is just a section of an Ebola virus. You cannot see RNA in the center, only ions. Every virus is defined by its RNA genome structure! The Ebola proteins presumably screw themselves through ion-rich tissue and cause a collapse there – since this presumably implements hyperdiffusion / superhydrophily by Na+ ions (pulls into the center of the Ebola virus). Wherever the mass exchange is high. Therefore, it causes internal bleeding like in the liver (venous network of miracles(dense concentration of blood)). Therefore, it causes internal bleeding like in the liver (venous network of miracles (increased concentration of blood)). Adding this that the Na + ions are hydrophilic and H20 (water) is following . So it could be that the Ebola protein ring matrix is an H (hydrogen) drive. Since viruses act almost at the atomic level, they need a new understanding …

Have a more look at these nice colorful 3D Viruses datasets to know more about these little kindly atomic things.

Real 3D Viruses from Science – Database – or they are external Vesicles?

No proof of the existence of viruses has currently been given – since the genome (RNA) is missing in all 3D objects and a virus is defined in medicine by its genome. These frozen 3D objects were downloaded from scientific databases (where all universities in the USA / Europe / China upload their data) and scientifically processed. Unfortunately no genome = RNA has been found so far – so are they just extracellular vesicles (which supply cells with ions)? Please send us a record of a measles / influenza / COVID19 Virus – so that we can marvel it in 3D.
A final 100% confirmation of its function in movement / activity is possible with the most expensive electron microscope = the

Most likely there will be no filter / mask that can filter out atoms / viruses / external vesicles (containers with ions).

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller had one of the first institutes near Darmstadt for pathology and quick sections and said that every person has tuberculin nodules in the lungs and thus has lived through the TBC, be it as a cold or the flu. Our ciliated epithelium in the lungs has tripled in the past 60 years – as pollution has increased. So there will never be a TB pandemic. Except for people, behave in such a way that no contamination of pathogens takes place / is prevented and thus contribute to a weakening of the immune system.

Dr. Lanka – who already said in the 90s that there are no viruses – and in 2016 before the OLG (higher regional court) Stuttgart with experts from the RKI proved that there is no measles virus. In Germany there has been a compulsory measles vaccination in medicine since spring 2020.

Zika-VirusBacteriophage T7Dengue-VirusHepatitis-B-Virus

DNS - Analyzer (Electrophoresis)

  • 20-30% error rate

    Excel like data sheets with genome

  • only in the result of the genome change = success recognizable -
    by e.g. Muscle growth

  • Danger of false statements with new objects in the
    atomic space

  • No official control system available

3D Dataset Electron Microscopy / micro X-Ray

  • Error rate ?%?

  • wrong description of the 3D object

  • re-evaluation of the scanned 3D object

  • new functions recognizable (especially if objects could move - but are currently set in cryostasis)

  • Review of current science (confirm
    chemical-physical processes?)

  • interaction of different objects with each other
    Cell level down to the subatomic level

  • Confirm / refute various viruses / objects

    this is what a Virus should look like

  • Look inside of an "Virus" of this objects shown here at Federation.net they are empty? (only with an Membrane & Glycocalix) - without an GENOME or an RNS structure.

  • Bhujangasana by lumbar spine pain

    This activates = train the erector spinae & trunci muscle – as well as compressing the lumbar spinal nerve openings – which is why patients with radiating pain during exercise must refrain from doing so immediately. In addition, a fracture of the small vertebral joints (species zygapophysialis) can be caused by the peak load in L4 / L5 – especially in osteoporosis.

    In some painful herniated discs in patients this exercise had also helped – where Halasana caused the most intense painful.

    Some provoked disc herniations forward (ventral) are not noticed.
    Back to overview

    Halasana by lumbar spine pain

    This patient had severe back pain in the latter vertebral segments of L4-L5 and this exercise resulted in immediate symptom relief.

    Halasana Exercise:

    In this case, the anterior parts of the discs are compressed and thus the nucleus Nucl. Pulposus is expressed to the rear, at the same time open the neuroforamina (nerve exit sites) of the spine.
    Had the patient had pain during this exercise, this would be an indication that the exiting Nucl. press the pulposus (nucleus nucleus) on the underlying nerve branch. In addition, the extensor musculature of the lumbar spine is distended. Beware of untrained / cardiac loaded patients. The exercise was pain relieving – at the beginning slightly pulling in the LWS implemented. In some painful herniated discs in patients this exercise had also helped – where Halasana caused the most intense painful. If this pain had occurred right – the exercise would have been stopped immediately.
    Doctors and therapists work together with patients to achieve a painless starting position.


    True Love is the key of all ambitions and like a drug and has nothing to do with sexuality or money from the ground up. Love is charity, the great love, love for oneself, love as a form of trust & for a normal living together in a community & as a sympathizer in the therapy.

    Symptom: shaky knees, feeling unwell, lump in the throat – nausea, stomach (intestine!) Turns around, slight attacks of vertigo, palpable muscle weakness, heart tachycardia.

    Physiology: Serotonin excess produce from the intestine – which is diffuses into the brain (Cortex).

    Loving people has no sufferings of civilization diseases. Love has healed thought depression for so long – if it benefits, of course, from the partner. Did not wish the love that this depression, even with a manic psychotic behavior. There are scientists who even have Parkinson’s and by the love of a partner keep the dopamine level high! Also replaced here love with medicines!

    Love transforms warriors into challenges.

    The wonderful their ensemble the way of the collectivity of the collectivity.

    It is nice if we find a person / partner who is blind to our inner self, who recognizes the mistake / fears of the partner. As well as willing to take a common risky path to grow together – to reach new capabilities and horizons. An inner balance is created. And a highly respectful / equal relationship leads to each other. A blind understanding without words. Since material things are no longer important. Where one complements and does not dictate. Is our corporate form looking for this one great love?

    Are we ready to found love? Test your love? Re pulling?  The risk of being badly hurt / disappointed? To give children a new parent / mindset / more quit – relaxed handling? We only ask if we hide the negative and focus only the positive? Without expectations following the feeling where this love leads? The real love would hold a life long?

    Love is above all when the partners recognize each other’s innermost wishes / thoughts. It is also said that some couples had the same dream with each other at night – even though they are separate.

    How do legal drugs prevent the feeling / willingness to love? Soon here…



    Therapeutic hands in the rescue center

    Why? = With minimal resources (medically and financially) the greatest possible therapeutic success in the initial treatment (minimax principle). = Fast-Track & Fast-Case = FAST – Rehabilitation!

    Why should physiotherapists be integrated? = Protection of surgical supplies therapeutic, preventative actions / interventions for the changes of progress in pathophysiological (disease-related) reactions.
    In addition, patients with fewer acute complaints, which are part of the everyday illness of physiotherapy, also frequent. Also, the risk of subacute discomfort, such as the fatal pause in an acute abdomen, may be present

    Pubmed-Quelle: Describing physiotherapy interventions in an

    +emergency department setting: an observational pilot study.
    An integration of physiotherapy into the emergency room – instead of inactivity vs. → Mobility & Nature is movement only the emergency room its not – Enlightenment:

    In various diseases, such as the cranial brain trauma, care should be taken instead of movement.

    • Stress, anxiety, shock reduction through mobility &  enlightenment

    • Authorized preservations for pathophysiological reasons – e.g. In acute prolapse / appendicitis – functional relationships between motion apparatus & (M. Iliopsoas), the patient should also be given a transfer and not even tapped from the bare to the examination table, whereby the inflamed appendix (appendix) can then be completely broken Then the exudate (excitatory pus) enters the abdominal cavity, which intensifies a surgical supply. Also, the provocation rapid test with a right-sided hip flexion against resistance can already make a perforation of the appendix (appendix) possible.

    • If necessary, functional exercises adapted to the current time of the dream patient
    – Securing the joint partners also isometrically depending on partial fracture
    – Prevention / minimization of edema / exudation in the movement apparatus – edema = also anasarca (cardial)
    – support of the cardiovascular system with simultaneous recognition of cardiac symptoms, such as the anasarca (right heart failure, renal insufficiency)
    – prevention of shock stages, ⇓ stress parameters
    – Prevention of compartment syndromes (development of physical therapies?)
    – Support the lymphatic system (only if cardiac complaints) by MLD
    – ↑ Preservation / production of a blood circulation control• can implement various therapies immediately and minimize later follow-up treatments (ambulatory / surgical), taking into account laboratory values, such as the cTNT – which can be minimized by a gentle movement activity

    • ⇑ Outpatient patients as later clinical (⇑ Frequentization of outpatient patients (private patients / managers (who hardly find access to physio centers in regular working hours)) = Refinance (profitability) of the emergency room (more self-payers?)

    • ⇑ immediate pain management during prolapse / outpatient care rather than surgical prolapse (⇓ profitability for surgical inventory)

    • ⇑ faster release / problem (pain relief) at the patient = ⇑ (higher) evaluation relations in the DRG + previous release Patient = ⇑ bed turnover frequency

    • ⇑ faster processing of patients = fewer waiting times for patients (time for further projects?)

    • Further strengthen interdisciplinary team – synergistic therapy development?

    • ⇓ Negative Casemanagements & ⇑ Consciousness of the body on the patient = a positive image of the company &  ⇑ Motivate patient for possible self-exercises = Minimize compliance / patient anxiety = ⇑ Strengthen collaboration

    • short therapy chain = cost reduction since therapies can be implemented at the same time and
    Subsequent surgical procedures are less intensive

    • Relief of a medical & nursing teams

    • faster outpatient dismissal of patients by physiotherapists with possible home exercises / self-treatments

    • Cost-effective use of therapies and accurate consideration of therapies for patients

    • Recognize long-term therapy goals faster (not only current!)

    • Development of a remuneration / bonusesystem of the health insurances for emergency room

    • functional adaptation of orthotics to the patient (for example, carpal tunnel syndrome track)

    • Better risk management in the patient through stress reduction / prevention / first therapeutic treatment

    • Integrate old / new tools of PT / Hydrotherapy. In the case of AVRT instead of ice water, to give the patient drink / respiratory therapy for panic attacks

    • particular importance postcardial infarction patients, not only dependent on drugs such as amiodarone? But also from irritations of nerve bottlenecks (trauma, WAD,
    Osteochondrosis Ganglion cervicothoracicum / over-irritation / dysreflexia peripheral M. Supinator (N.radialis) Loge de Gyon (ulnar nerve) associated with the plexus
    Brachialis or the Ncl. Cardiaci directly by centrifugal traumatas. To what extent shock levels contribute to nervousness is questionable. But also visceral-visceral dysreflexia,
    Such as by gastric ulcer, which might cause cardiac arrhythmias, would also be interesting.• (gentle movements in small cardiac tamponades (with subacute inflammation) only if the patient was active in the sport before)

    • pure apical breathing (bonded intercostal spaces / ↑ dead space volume etc.), reduced speech sound image …

    • Reduction of cTNT levels by exercise exercises?
    A) Supporting muscle pump HKL
    B) Respiratory therapy = ↓ Volumetric volume = ↓ pathophys dysregulation
    Indication for advanced respiratory therapies (which also act as preventive) – stressful condition of the patient AVPU, SBD (age & HF, AF WAD (centrifugal trauma) patients
    1. Irritation / elongation of the cervical ganglion / inferior arrhythmias
    2. Indicated Horner symptom complex?
    Trauma / chronic diseases – osteochondroses of the lower cervical spine while minimizing the neuroforamina / intervertebral foramen – which cause irritation of the plexus brachialis / truncus
    Sympathicus – occasional orthopedic symptoms (in chronic course) Athoscopy of the interosseous spatum, paresthesia Acute hands / fingertips, ↑ Venenal signs – Vena cephalica – hand back !; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome as a Compensation Mechanism? Inspirationsthorax …

    • Integration of back BGW zones, which are usually clearer than the extremities

    • N. Splanchnici pelvici Irritation e.g. By hypomobility SIG

    • Frank Sterling mechanism – stimulate preload by passive movement, high-bearing and thus faster to get a ROSC by a 1. defibrillation with adrenaline at the heart, due to increased preload of the atria (reduction of the risk of a subsequent infarction?)

    • Improved compression therapy (functional & long-lasting) in a variety of traumas / wound management

    • Development of new therapeutic approaches & faster diagnostics

    • Preoperative care patient / preparation

    • Combination of several therapy techniques (for example MT from Kaltenborn & Cyriax …) = risk minimization / ↓ treatment time

    Gastric Perforation after Secret Maneuver Fatal splenic rupture scores Secret maneuver: case report and literature review.

    • Advanced compression therapy for eczema / various phlebotic syndromes
    • Extended risk management = contraindications in, for example, hypertension A. carotid sign / blue abdominal navel in portal hypertension – Malori white syndrome – esophageal varices
    • Unfortunately there is no funding of physiotherapy in the emergency room. Currently an emergency room should be recognized as a physiotherapy practice – according to the statement – Knappschaft . All other health insurance funds could not make an effort. This means that the emergency physician has to print prescriptions for the physical therapy that is currently on the side with him. Furthermore, thegerman Cure catalog has to stop Since he is an advancement / exercise of physiotherapy. (Germany is the only country in Europe with a catalog of medicines!) (Criminal prosecution of the theologians in Germany !!!)


    New Guidelines 2015 for the Lifetime Immediate Measures: Here to download


    Pretty is also: //ercguidelines.elsevierresource.com/


    Street games & potentials

    • ⇓ (Reduced) Individual children by the inclusion of neighbor children = ⇑Development of social competence
    • Development of strategies (for example dealing with aggression)
    • ⇑(Increased) independent observation / discovery of environmental actions
      (⇑ Observe / understand physical responses more than at the PC) ((learning from NATURE!))
    • ⇑ Relaxation = ⇓aggressive reactions / ⇑inhibition threshold = buffer by the environment and its challenges, as well as coping strategies (copying behavior patterns of other children)
    • ⇑ Creativity &; Development of own games / rules (ethical / cognitive
    • ⇑ Conditioning &; Prevention of civilization diseases by Sport & Weather influences
    • Since the street itself is empty, children must bring their own toys, develop (self-build?), Examine their own toys with enthusiasm, as well as repair.
    • Autonomy in the repair of your own bicycle? – early understanding, understanding of mechanical functions of a toy, e.g. bicycle
    • Boredom as the breeding ground for creativity?
    • ⇑ Coherence formation (association of brain cells to hearing loops (giant astrocytes, Betz cells) as on a playground? – Since no play possibility – solutions given.

    Unlike in playgrounds are play streets serve a fundamental basics for a simple creative exchange among children and also an simple physical minting of the nature.

    • Problem-solving / game development with simple materials
    • Relaxation through games site / natural Stimulus / no singular sensory overload (such as a PC)
    • physical conditioning of the Child (rain / cold / heat)
    • Integration of outsiders / neighborhood children = group formation and interaction
    • mutual self-control / self-examination of children within a social behavior or playing
    • mutual complement of skills within a group
    • Copy of behaviors / skills = Coping
    • reduced risk of accidents compared with playgrounds?
    • increased freedom of movement than on a playground
    • cost-effective implementation there is no play equipment, which must be maintained as by playgrounds
    • react & watch from simple physical reactions / behaviors
    • Parents come back to your duty of care and can also watch your child betterGame roads serve to cope with process & Tire brain development.It is known that in 1930 approximately 100 road games were known and today only 1-10 of free games out there. Just ask your child !

      Effects from a long-term durability training:

    • Increased immunoactivity / immunoresistance
    • Increased ATP reserves in muscles – these are destroyed by drugs, or not expanded! These include, in particular, alcohol compounds also sugar = glycole
    • increased bone density
    • (For comparison, a bodybuilder trains 3 times a day in the spectrum of the maximum force and has an increased fat metabolism – which can lead to myocardial infarction (brain – liver – kidney …). The bike is about 6-11h a day On the road and is thereby approximately 20 times especially in the case of downhill runs to a maximum load. High performance = moderate muscle size !!!


    Yoga vs Tai Chi Chuean

    Music & Art & Sports & Science know no boundaries / religions / races / genders (only physical laws and their spirituality apply to the perception of nature = life = movement)

    Sport is the expansion of the body’s resources / abilities – for example with painful muscle soreness. Exchange with …

    Download Tai Chi Chuean .apk for your Android smart-phone.

    Yoga is about 200 years old and was mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita
    It was probably developed in order to penetrate other realities and to get health improvement through various starting positions.

    TCC Tai = health; Respiratory Centre = Chi - solar power centre; = plexus (solar plexus) Chüan = fist age: unknown probably 4200 years old? It has been developed from a martial arts training and health training to sharpen the current surrounding reality and meaning.

    Active / passive initial positions / strain in the majority passive at the end of the movement = no to little muscular protection

    Stressful active movement flow into and out of several initial positions = stretching and strength training in one (predominantly in the regular range of motion) = muscular securing of joints / discs

    Spatial perception possible, with particularly powerful static exercise

    increased spatial perception through learning and applying the movement in the air (the more a ROTATION - movement, the more a sensory activity in the muscles / joints / cerebellar activity)

    Danger of too much self-awareness within the remaining starting position

    Less an exaggerated listening possible, since one must concentrate on movement and the surrounding space (nature!)

    Continuous expansion of the maximum load / primarily static torso torso load - as well as rapid blood pressure change due to head positionShirshasana

    Uniform loading of all body regions - gentle blood pressure increase - by flowing movement

    Danger of the wanted / unwanted abortion by the Nauli Yoga Kriya

    Risk for beginners / patients of a brain myocardial infarction in cardial preloaded stress in various asanas such as Halasana


    No known risks of internal organs

    as Example the scorpio exercise – VaishikasanaRisk of spondylolisthesis (vertebral sliding); Load peaks in the knee joints - which can strengthen a meniscus anterior horn lesion

    No known risks in the movement apparatus - Risk of the knee only if it is carried out too deeply (weight loss is far in front of the forefoot)

    Maximum Exercises

    Mobilization exercise - by stress peaks within a mostly single body part

    No maximum force = risk minimizing

    Force endurance in an isometric (holding)
    starting position

    Force endurance within an isokinetic (steady force) movement

    Concentrated (mentally enhanced) relaxation needed within a disastrous starting position

    ETension by learning unconscious movement and breathing = cognitive relaxation during a complex movement of all 3d - dimensional motion axes, - and planes, which is working on predominantly rotational movement. (Rotation = NM in the joint!); In addition cardiac relief - by increased venous return current from the active muscle pump (uniform contraction of all extremities)

    Less coherence because no flow of movement (static posture) occurs in all movement planes = less afferent in the cerebellum

    Coherence - more a meshing of brain loops = higher movement - coordination

    Hot Yoga (sauna) = energy = heat - dangerous for cardiac patients because of additional stress

    Genesis of hyperthermia (corporeal heat) by movement = also possible in the snow = exhausting

    Active rotatory components are missing, as well as transitions from
    One starting position in another

    Replaces acupuncture =? (Function: Accupoint needle is used in
    Glued connective tissue fascia = set) since TCC high rotatic
    Stress in all body regions are thus achieved
    Bonded connective tissue. Probably replaced
    It also osteopathy!

    TCC = Mobilisation with Movement

    Easy to learn - short exercise time

    High degree of learning - as many complex techniques of changing
    Foot positions up to headings at the same time
    Respiratory awareness / control.

    Only at about 40-20% of all
    Total Exercise Incontinence training (contraction of the small pelvis):



    Incontinence training therapy + prevention - in 99% of all starting positions by deep sitting posture of the small pelvis = meridian energy increase

    YOGA is more physiotherapy and not a sport with a certain healing factor - due to stress peaks in joints & organs - which can be used by therapists specifically ... it can also replace acupuncture quite well ... but more on that later ... besides, it can do a lot of damage arrange - how to reinforce existing diseases - Herniated discs & arthroses in joints are known

    Due to the high level of learning and effort, TCC outweighs - it is harder to learn - only a few have the willpower & perseverance to learn this - at the same time it serves as self-defense - since patients are often in victim roles TCC offers a neutral role exchange = transcending victims defender and strengthens your body


    There are also overlaps between yoga and TCC – for example: the Asana Daeoasana, which is also implemented in Qigong (Tai Chi Chüan).

    Relaxation is when you can interact with an smiling to children and / or aggressive people and maybe transfer something to these positive things.


    Download Tai Chi Chuean .apk for your Android smart-phone.


    ADHD & Co


    • Why do some children react like the Zappelphilip or are they just inattentive?Definition of DIMDI = German Institute for Medical Documentation and InformationRoot cause:due to an under-supply of glucose in the right cerebral hemisphere, these children compensate for this with more exercise, attention (adrenaline), which in turn should result in more glucose in the right cerebral hemisphere. That’s why it makes a Zappelphillip right!Therapy?
    • long walks? Mountain hut? would be synonymous solution
    • Road games! Clear cars off the streets and provide children with an interactive, free game environment that can allow parents to watch as well.
    • Inclusion of children – no loners!
    • Integration in performance-oriented sports clubs (3 times a week training + competitions (without driving but only with calm balanced coaches!))
    • Please note that the children have a high sense of justice.
    • balanced diet and as a snack bread no sweets – it is best to completely completely on sweets completely
    • Sports Therapy is old-fashioned – as it used to be integrated into psychiatric services (and performed by physiotherapists!) – it is likely to be replaced by pharmaceutical therapies today.