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Influenza A Virus – 3D Matrix – Membrane – 3.4Å = 0.34 nm

The original is based on a single, simple amino acid / protein in the membrane structure – however, as you can see in full color below, these are much more complex. Therefore, some university science is expanded hereby.

1969 Nobel Prize for Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey and Salvador E. Luria for medicine / physiology “Phages play a major role in viruses”. Abstract: Bacteriophage infects a bacterium that releases particles in the form of viruses …. Electron microscopy can provide insight into the real biochemistry and physics of living organisms. Currently only in a deep-frozen inactive state and therefore only function-less / inactive = we would very much like to have a control experiment in living form.

The INfluenza B virus is still being searched – please send it to us if you are a research institution – or contact us below.