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Sleep Disorder – Deep Sleep Phase

What can you do to achieve the deep sleep phase (usually happens before dreaming and needs 3-4 hours of undisturbed previous sleep)? Or when you wake up at night? 

  • Avoid intensely smelling shampoo – use the simplest (non smelling) soap when showering!
  • shower only every 2-4 days
  • Take a cool / cold shower – then dab lightly with the towel and go back to bed damp ice bathing in nature (training cold showers)
  • doing intense sport the day before – exhausting yourself completely so that you get into a recovery phase
  • do not drink coffee / tea / beer the day before not working on the PC / laptop in bed …
  • change the sleeping place turn 180 degrees in the bed (put your head on your feet (and feets on your head))
  • Step outside the cold door in your pajamas / balcony …?

    PS: By the way, if you have a twitch in your bed before sleeping – the peripheral nerves (nerves in the extremities (from 1st lumbar vertebrae)) switch off. So that the muscles have a lower resting tone.