AnnA Transformation – Sport with and against cancer = replaces chemotoxic treatments & defeats HIV?

ANNA Transformation:

1. A get up and be ready for exercise

2. N o to drugs

3. N utrition conversion < / span>

4. A naerobe sport = longterm sport up to the 10/15/20 km run


Often neglected as a therapy in the clinic – because the patient can implement it himself (and thereby hyperthermia (increase in body temperature = mistletoe therapy (and includes many other positive biochemical reactions))) and can be implemented as the first choice for the following diseases:

Prostate, cervical, breast, and colon cancer. (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma?)

Cells are transformed and broken down faster through sporting activities. Including healthy cells and pathogens – with high activation of the immune system (observe convalescence time). So after about 2 years you will see a completely new person – except with brain and spinal cord cells (which do not change from birth.)

Why exercise? </ u>

1. Minimizing the risk of shock in everyday life by promoting natural resources n

2. Promotion of the entire immune system through sport = strengthening of immune cells through e.g. the recruitment of dormant phagocytes in the connective tissue – also of spec. Defense cells

3. Sport is used in psychiatric hospitals for depression / psychosis / ADHD

4. Sport is mostly used in sports clinics to provide preventive & amp; to produce therapeutic effects certain e Cancers such as sarcomas are eliminated.

5. Taking ownership & amp; Strengthen mental integrity

6. Is exhausting & amp; free and promotes resilience & amp; Awareness of nature

7. Cysts in mitochondria & amp; O2 & amp; Erythrocytes & amp; Muscle building & amp; Increase bone density

8. Exchange of experiences in the group & amp; with long-term risk patient / subsequent rehabilitation sport

9. Start immediately with a strength training of the lower extremities with the Tai Chi Chüan APP – here is the link.

see www.fö < / u> under “Tai Chi vs Yoga”

Endurance sports Chemo
is free of chargeper chemotoxic unit 10000-30000 euros in sales / costs
strengthens your immune system (when used correctly = within a convalescence period)weakens the immune system / vascular system
Death rates unknowndeath rates unknown
can work against various diseases - psychosis / aggression / HIV / canceraggravates multiple diseases - such as Fatique Syndrome
strengthens an inner integritymakes you weak
Development time millions of years = mother naturedevelopment time 40 years
Integrates people together as a unit - pursuing one goaltaken alone.
has a preventive effect against drug abuse???
does not always lead to the desired success - why this is so - must be found outdoes not always lead to the desired success

I myself come from a colon cancer family – I was a chronic colon patient myself and have already experienced a lot.

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