AnnA Training – Sport with and against Cancer / COVID / HIV?

ANNA Training:

1. A get up and be ready for exercise (Your 15 min. Warmup…)

2. No to drugs

3. N utrition conversion 

4. A naerobe sport = longterm sport up to the 10/15/20 km run


Often neglected as a therapy in the clinic – because the patient can implement it himself (and thereby hyperthermia (increase in body temperature = mistletoe therapy (Sport includes many other positive biochemical reactions))) and can be implemented as the first choice for the following diseases:

Prostate, cervical, breast, and colon cancer. (Non Hodgkin Lymphoma?)

Cells are transformed and broken down faster through sporting activities. Including healthy cells and pathogens – with high activation of the immune system (observe convalescence time). So every day you have the chance to change your life – after about 2 years you will see a completely new person – except with brain and spinal cord cells (which do not change from birth.)

Why exercise? 

1. Minimizing the risk of shock in everyday life by promoting natural resources

2. Promotion of the entire immune system through sport = strengthening of immune cells through e.g. the recruitment of dormant phagocytes in the connective tissue – also of spec. Defense cells

3. Sport is used in psychiatric hospitals for depression / psychosis / ADHD

4. Sport is mostly used in sports clinics to provide preventive and to produce therapeutic effects certaine Cancers such as sarcomas are eliminated.

5. Taking ownership and Strengthen mental integrity

6. Is exhausting + free + promotes resilience + Awareness of nature

7. Cysts in mitochondria + O2 + Erythrocytes + Muscle building + Increase bone density

8. Exchange of experiences in the group + with long-term risk patient / subsequent rehabilitation sport / change an aggression into an own challenge

9. Start immediately with a strength training of the lower extremities with the Tai Chi Chüan APP – here is the link.

see at these article Tai Chi vs Yoga …

Endurance sports Chemo
is free of chargeper chemotoxic unit 10000-30000 euros in sales / costs
strengthens your immune system (when used correctly = within a convalescence period)weakens the immune system / vascular system
Death rates unknowndeath rates unknown
can work against various diseases - psychosis / aggression / HIV / canceraggravates multiple diseases - such as Fatique Syndrome
strengthens an inner integritymakes you weak
Development time millions of years = mother naturedevelopment time 40 years
Integrates people together as a unit - pursuing one goaltaken alone.
has a preventive effect against drug abuse???
does not always lead to the desired success - why this is so - must be found outdoes not always lead to the desired success


works against depression / fatigue / erectile dysfunction / edema / relieves the cardiovascular system / works against sleep disorders / bruises Cool / cold water from below 24 degrees to -6 degrees can offer the following effects: Application  13-21 as long-term use from 5 minutes to 15 minutes:
  • analgesic (pain reliever)
  • antiembolic = against embolism
  • antihemorrhagic = against bleeding
  • antihematomatous = against accumulation of blood (bruise) in a cavity = compartment syndrome
  • anti-edematous = against swelling anti-inflammatory = against inflammation
  • antithrombotic = against thrombosis
  • antiseborrheic (against excessive sebum production)
  • antisebostatic = reduced sebum production (without soap)
  • bradycardic = decreased heart rate tachcard for short-term use (less than 5 min)
  • tachypnoeic with short-term use (less than 5 min) = increased respiratory freq.
  • bradypnoic = decreased respiratory freq. = deeper inhalation = ventilate deeper lung segments leads to a reduction of the dead space volume = evacuation of secretion – creates eupnea (normal breathing) … acts against deep-seated pathogens … by reactivating alveolar stem cells
  • hyperemic = stimulation of blood flow = anti-ischemic hypertensive = hypertonic = increased blood pressure myotonic = increase in muscle tone – tension absorptive = metabolic exchange increased stimulative = increase in many hormones such as adrenaline = positive reaction to stress reaction = slightly increased reflexes vaso-constricting = vessels contracting tonifying the veins (increasing tension in the veins / varicose veins) = Kneipp casts / baths hyperimmunizing = strengthening of the immune system – Recruitment of marginal (interstitial dormant) macrophages – CD15 activity decreased? – anti-cancerogenic effect (with anaerobic activity)
  • hypersecretory = release of adrenergic & serotonergic substances – which also belong as a supergroup of dopaminergic substances and thus go through the blood-brain barrier. Normal lipoproteinemia> 160mg / dl blood LDL chylomicrons (through previous anaerobic activity in the form of running and then ice bathing) reduces the hyperlipoproteinemia = arteriosclerosis … thus brain, kidney, liver, heart attack
  • ↑↑↑ (increased) skin tugor = less wrinkling – since fellow connective tissue in the subcutaneous tissue is reinforced by contractile activity Ask your doctor or physiotherapist how to take it slow … 🙂

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