Real 3D Viruses? from Science – Database – or they are external Vesicles?

A final 100% confirmation of its function in movement / activity is possible with the most expensive electron microscope = the
1969 Nobel Prize for Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey and Salvador E. Luria for medicine / physiology “Phages play a major role in viruses”. Abstract: Bacteriophage infects a bacterium that releases particles in the form of viruses …. Electron microscopy can provide insight into the real biochemistry and physics of living organisms. Currently only in a deep-frozen inactive state and therefore only function-less / inactive = we would very much like to have a control experiment in living form.
Dr. Lanka (PhD in virology) – who said in the 90s that there are no viruses – and in 2016 before the OLG in Stuttgart with RKI experts showed that the measles virus does not exist. No complete hull + glycocalix of measles virus was found on electron microscopy databases either, only RNA snippets. Since spring 2020 there has been a compulsory vaccination against measles in medicine. The causative agent of the black plague (Middle Ages) Yersinia Pestis was not found as a self-contained 3D object – so it did not exist until someone submits a data set!

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller had one of the first institutes near Kassel for pathology and quick sections and said that every person has tuberculin nodules in the lungs and thus has lived through the TBC, be it as a cold or the flu. Our ciliated epithelium in the lungs has tripled in the past 60 years – as pollution has increased. So there will never be a TBC pandemic. Except for people, behave in such a way that no contamination of pathogens takes place / is prevented and thus contribute to a weakening of the immune system.

How much on specific immune system cells are transferred from other  spokes person to another? To help fighting against some bad diseases?

Search for yourself the 3D objects – they are empty = a genome (RNA snake) was not found again … This is what a virus should look like – note the red RNA snake.


Zika-VirusBacteriophage T7Dengue-VirusHepatitis-B-Virus


DNA analyzer (electrophoresis) by geneticists / virologists

  • 20-30% error rate (according to a bio-chemist with 50 years of professional experience - who decided to develop a photometer (similar only with photon measurement technology))

  • Excel - similar data sheets with genome

  • only 2-dimensional results of the genome change = success analyze -
    through e.g. muscle growth (unfortunately I have not yet seen an Arnold Schwarzenegger mouse in studies!) (sheep in England with 25% human genome content - show no human traits), chromosome abnormalities no currently known gene therapy / vaccination ...! Where is a visible result of the gene therapy?

  • Risk of complete false statements due to blind 2-dimensional voltage measurement between 2 electrodes = electrophoresis = DC voltage measurement of amino acids somewhere in the atomic space of novel objects! (Here the intention is to be able to measure only known chemicals / elements and no new biochemical elements and no physical 3D structures - as well as their biochemical + physical (physiological) interaction with each other !!!!)

  • No official control system in place - is it the electron microscope? - Many genetic diseases (in animals and humans) are still without existing genetic therapeutic approaches - / therapeutic effects - there is no gene therapy - e.g. no genome in neuro-cells according to Prof. Dr. Hüther! - Otherwise, please order more intelligence in your laboratory!

  • no diversity / functionality of a sequencing analyzer ... (sensor technology / different blood groups / metabolism / no differentiation of different measurement objects (e.g. cells / toxins / foreign components detectable in the body) thus any objective assessment of an object fails Statement: "For this reason you can pray as a patient when you arrive at the rescue center, be it Asia / Australia, and a doctor / nurse / physiotherapist recognizes your bite from the animal and injects you with an antidote - because there is no technology the poisons (except alcohol - which is very easy) can independently analyze! Measuring with a further developed device would be a photometer - here you first have to fill a start reagent (device calibration) into the device and then a second reagent comes mixed with the actual one Sample (blood / urine / water / stool ...) together in the device ... one reagent is only valid for one test - be e s for alcohol / immune assays - antibodies ... which at the end only outputs a 2-dimensional answer. The patient is more likely to die faster than when the measurement result is there ...

  • 3D data set electron microscopy / micro X-ray (X-Ray)

    • Error rate in%?

    • possible wrong designation of the 3D object (because objects freeze under vacuum) = therefore no moving biochemistry can be recognized - only possible theses

    • Reevaluation of the scanned 3D object

    • new functions / Elements recognizable (especially when objects could move - but are put into cryostasis)

    • Review of current science (confirm
      chemical-physical processes in a moving state?)

    • Interaction of various objects with one another Cell level down to the subatomic level

    • this is how a virus should look - unfortunately none of the colored 3D objects here is a virus < / p>

    • The "viruses" of the 3D objects shown here on Fö, however, are hollow in the center:


    • Today the Salve project is still one of the most expensive electron microscopes in the world and could it be integrated in every pocket tomorrow? Diversity is possible just as the biochemical + structural meaningfulness on this website was given to mankind. Please see it as a gift. It raises many questions and shows new paths that we must take together as the frontier of research. Please do not hesitate and become a member.