3D COVID19 SARS Virus Corona 2019

1969 Nobel Prize for Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey and Salvador E. Luria for medicine / physiology “Phages play a major role in viruses”. Abstract: Bacteriophage infects a bacterium that releases particles in the form of viruses …. Electron microscopy can provide insight into the real biochemistry and physics of living organisms. Currently only in a deep-frozen inactive state and therefore only function-less / inactive = we would very much like to have a control experiment in living form.


  • no ion channels (locks) visible on the membrane
    perfectly round membrane – which is injured from inside
    free-floating antennas (glycocalyx) = have no direct contact with the membrane
  • Discs – elements in the center – are these the amino acids (genome?) Or other biochemical proteins?
    How the pathophysiology (chemical & physical properties) of this 3D object of electron microscopy looks like only the Salve microscope can show in a moving context.
  • absolutely perfect rounded Membrane ….
  • smooth Membrane-Surface
  • broken membrane (who has done that ?)
  • Discs – elements could dissolve the visible simple membrane from the outside – so that holes appear in the membrane from the outside – through the previous biochemical contact activation of the glycocalyx (antennae) with other cell objects. (has no ion channels (locks that open and close)
  • Over 5700 mutations of COVID – SARS CoV2 – nCoV2019 – Goldmann Team confirms the cause of the mutations due to the error rate of the devices!

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