3D COVID19 SARS Virus Corona 2019

1969 Nobel Prize for Max Delbrück, Alfred D. Hershey and Salvador E. Luria for medicine / physiology “Phages play a major role in viruses”. Abstract: Bacteriophage infects a bacterium that releases particles in the form of viruses …. Electron microscopy can provide insight into the real biochemistry and physics of living organisms. Currently only in a deep-frozen inactive state and therefore only function-less / inactive = we would very much like to have a control experiment in living form.


  • no ion channels (locks) visible on the membrane
    perfectly round membrane – which is injured from inside
    free-floating antennas (glycocalyx) = have no direct contact with the membrane
  • Discs – elements in the center – are these the amino acids (genome?) Or other biochemical proteins?
    How the pathophysiology (chemical & physical properties) of this 3D object of electron microscopy looks like only the Salve microscope can show in a moving context.
  • absolutely perfect rounded Membrane ….
  • broken membrane (who has done that ?)
  • Discs – elements in the center – are these the amino acids (genome?) Or other biochemical proteins? – compare the structure and colors with these COVID19 genomes (there are approx. 3000 COVID19 genome data sets (where do they come from? If there is only one complete data set of a virus?) – it should actually also be recognizable as a helix structure – with amino acids that are opposite each other; disks (genome) are split into amino acids in a gel electrophoresis) = ((must be miracle devices that split these disk elements under the nanometer in the angstrom measuring range for moving viruses!))
  • Sport & Corona
  • Free-floating antennas = spikes (glycocalyx) = have no direct contact with the membrane – or wasn’t everything recorded by the electron microscope? A pharmaceutical giant A … made the vector COVID vaccination out of these free-floating spikes …
  • Over 5700 mutations of COVID – SARS CoV2 – nCoV2019 – Goldmann Team confirms the cause of the mutations due to the error rate of the devices!

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