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Ebola Virus – without any Genome = RNA – Ions-Catching-System?

This is just a section of an Ebola virus. You cannot see RNA in the center, only ions. Every virus is defined by its RNA genome structure! The Ebola proteins presumably screw themselves through ion-rich tissue and cause a collapse there – since this presumably implements hyperdiffusion / superhydrophily by Na+ ions (pulls into the center of the Ebola virus). Wherever the mass exchange is high. Therefore, it causes internal bleeding like in the liver (venous network of miracles(dense concentration of blood)). Since viruses act almost at the atomic level, they need a new understanding …

Corona COVID-19 Delusion? Stopp the Restrictions!

Europe has a cold &  companies go bankrupt.
  • Restriction of fundamental rights, such as freedom of assembly … through the Infection Protection Act 2020! (Germany)
  • Tansania tested Pawpaw for Corona – came back as positive!!! Pawpaw must be isolated …
  • COVID19 pictures are often created artistically.
  • No data record available from a professional microscope from COVID19 (was contacted by phone & in writing: RKI / NSFC / BMG / NIAID / WHO). However, the genome of a COVID19 is available – where does it come from? From an human DNA? It should be in a virus. This is supposed to be a SARS virus – with a new thesis … where are the ion channels? – which functions are visible here? Where’s his genome (RNA)? What does SARS-COVID19 look like?
  • Muzzle mouth-guard obligation? Vaccination for everyone? From March 2020, measles vaccination will be mandatory for everyone working in the healthcare sector.
  • Mouthguards prevent natural contamination, which takes place with redundant, naturally recurring old pathogens – is our immune system & cardiovascular system weakened or strengthened? (Not meant for naturally recurring pathogens Ebola / Marburg / Anthrax virus – where guaranteed 10,000-100,000 deaths per week / month would be recorded!)

Flu comparable to a huge swarm of grasshoppers in the number of different pathogens – you then reach in with your hand and you hold the influenza in your hand (approx. 25 different pathogens “viruses” for the corona there are perhaps just as many (25?) In addition, all pathogens (bacteria / parasites) undergo training every day, which is why, although few physiotherapy practices from the immediate vicinity (dirt) have collected mineral mud (fango) on the patient and thus a contamination and thus a gentle reactivation / conditioning of the patient’s immune system. Because many grew up in the immediate vicinity. Only through a infection can our immune system learn.

Stops panic & the hamster purchases – ensure a real togetherness. Prime Minister Saarbrücken said on March 21, 20 in the news at 8:00 p.m .: on March 23, 20 an estimated 1,000 deaths and on March 30, 20,000 deaths from Corona should result.
Addition: No hospital was found in Munich to be tested for Corona – only the Tropical Institute on Leopoldstrasse 5 in Munich (is using wrong PCR Tests)- the infected person uses public transport to get there – with Ebola / anthrax would have been a perfect transmission.

Virologist Prof. Dr. Karin Mölling: Corona is not a serious killer virus! The scaremongering is the problem.

  • Not only an viruses will cause an deep, intense inflammation in the lungs. Since therapies with deep bronchial drainage (30 degrees head low) & EKG with 150 pulse in gerontological patients were successfully treated without medication. Since lower lung segments are hardly ventilated, bacterial inflammation also occurs here (an MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus (bacterium) everyone has on the scalp) is also not so nice). That is why jogging & cycling (especially lying position) is so good because deep lung segments are also supplied with blood and pathogens are coughed off = best form of pathogen killing (ciliated epithelia 3 times more than 50 years ago).

Mainly basal (deepest segments) are affected by viral pneumonia – due to the fact that only apical breathing (uppermost lung segments) is breathed in in the upright starting position (bleeding through) – the statement that only viruses cause deep, intense inflammation and the flu only the upper / middle lung segments are therefore not correct attacks. Because therapies with deep bronchial drainage (30 degrees head low) & EKG with 150 pulse in gerontological patients were successfully treated without medication. That is why jogging & cycling is so good because everything is supplied with blood and coughs up pathogens = best form of pathogen killing (ciliated epithelia 3 times more than 50 years ago.)

Corona-COVID19 death rate in corona-infected Germany:
whereby no age (nursing homes) / direct cause of death is recognizable – especially since PCR – tests with corona viruses are faulty – one does not make any comparisons – Dr. Wodarg: False corpses pave the way:

Please get an overview of the case studies of the Robert Koch Institute yourself.

According to the RKI Influenza Report, 3,800,000 people were diagnosed with “influenza” in Germany in 2018/2019 – death rates are unknown. According to excess estimates, 24,000 people in Germany died from influenza in 2018.

Italy (Country with the oldes people in Europa – only  Japan has more!) CoVID-19:

Source: //

Italy 2000 Infections of CovID-19:

Source: ISS

Even without a corona, patients are in the waiting room in rescue centers, such as in the Bozen hospital – e.g. in the ski season …
The government of South Tyrol has no interest in integrating therapies into the fast lane.

Even without a corona, the patients lie side by side in the waiting room in rescue centers, like in the Bolzano hospital – e.g. in the ski season …
The government of South Tyrol has no interest in integrating therapies into the fast lane through physios. On the contrary – prevent the free access of physiotherapists through South Tyrolean laws = Email Schrott

Across Italy, DIRECT ACCESS applies to physiotherapists without prescriptions / instructions !!! (Physiotherapy originated from the Romans / Greeks) South Tyrolean laws have no effect – since Italian law applies = no complete autonomy!

Your hand disinfection will not reach the atomic level so quickly! Even with repeated disinfection, you will not achieve sterility! At the atomic level, a skin fold is a Mariannen trench. 2min hand washing with a brush is better. In addition, the pathogens are rinsed in the nasal cavity and moistened there – everyone thrives here. Pathogens also enter through the mucous membrane of the eyes. Trust your doctors who are familiar with sterilization and autoclaves – 125 degrees + overpressure destroy all pathogens. Most masks are useless – because viruses get through the filters at the atomic level – you will definitely grab your face and that’s enough.

Exercise outdoors and improve your performance / immune system – have a therapeutic & preventive effect e.g. against breast cancer / diabetes – also against pneumonia. Mother Nature gave everything. Every day you have the opportunity to change something when you get up in the morning.

Shop for older people.

Many pathogens / diseases go blind. Some people show no symptoms – because they themselves have a quick immune response to pathogens (especially farmers – because they live more dirty than city people). Dr. Hans Joachim Müller had an institute for pathology in Kassel – there he was one of the first doctors to implement rapid cuts for cancer. Until the nineties he opened people’s lungs and saw tuberculin nodules (TBC) which many probably went through blindly (very good immune system unlike in the 19th century (TBC patient tents outdoors)! 20 years ago the TBC was thought to be extinct … :). = because tuberculin tests are false negative! So in conclusion our immun-system is active and in very good – in comparison to 1850 – who a lot of peoples died.  Have a look at these study:

Incidence Rates and Deaths of Tuberculosis in HIV-Negative Patients in the United States and Germany as Analyzed by New Predictive Model for Infection


RKI – Weekly Influence Report: All clear? – fewer infections less than previous years. 1.6 mill. Visits to the doctor for respiratory problems.

A separate company form will still need a long way to a coherent (network) solution-rich company form. There is a danger of ending up with fears of decay / destruction / illness. Humanity is separated and contactless.

Do we have high technology medicine?

If you want to analyze all bacteria of a patient (approx. 3 million) – this requires a warehouse with a gross temperature of approx. 40 degrees and an estimated approx. 1,500,000 petri dishes to classify various pathogens. Electrophoretic analyzes have an error rate of approx. 20-30% in medicine.

When young water athletes from Italy are shown on television with ventilation on ITS beds, it can be assumed that they had increased contact with chlorine water. This severely damaged the immune system in the lungs – which is why many then get cortisone due to asthma in most cases – which is then legal doping because cortisone provides sugar in the blood and thus increases sports performance. See also Lance Armstrong (testicular cancer (overheating)) vs Jan Ullrich.

Virologist Streecken thinks Sweden’s exits are good! (in the last third of the video)

Positive aspects of corona restrictions:


Social paradox: At first many children send their parents to nursing homes (unlike in Central & Southern Italy!) and then an industry goes bankrupt – to save pensioners – loss of retail – centralization of IT companies, which makes every purchase understandable. Future loss of purchasing power.

Knowing is not enough you have to apply; it is not enough to want to do it too. The extraordinary does not happen in the smooth ordinary way.


Crystal structure and mutational analysis of the endoribonuclease from human Corona-Virus 229E X-ray diffraction 2.96Å

Backbone model of an aquareovirus virion by cryo-electron microscopy and bioinformatics EM 4.5Å

Life in the extremes: atomic structure of Sulfolobus Turreted Icosahedral Virus Electron Microscopy 4.5 Å

Dengue-Virus 1 cryo-EM reconstruction Electron Microscopy 4.5Å

Structure of a transcribing cypovirus by cryo-electron microscopy Electron Microscopy 4.1Å

Cryo-EM reconstruction of poliovirus-receptor complex Electron Microscopy 3.7Å

The structure of Cocksackie Virus A10 procapsid from its complex with Fab 2G8 Electron Microscopy 4,2Å

The structure of Cocksackie Virus A10 procapsid from its complex with Fab 2G8 Electron Microscopy 4.2Å