Street games & potentials

  • ⇓ (Reduced) Individual children by the inclusion of neighbor children = ⇑Development of social competence
  • Development of strategies (for example dealing with aggression)
  • ⇑(Increased) independent observation / discovery of environmental actions
    (⇑ Observe / understand physical responses more than at the PC) ((learning from NATURE!))
  • ⇑ Relaxation = ⇓aggressive reactions / ⇑inhibition threshold = buffer by the environment and its challenges, as well as coping strategies (copying behavior patterns of other children)
  • ⇑ Creativity &; Development of own games / rules (ethical / cognitive
  • ⇑ Conditioning &; Prevention of civilization diseases by Sport & Weather influences
  • Since the street itself is empty, children must bring their own toys, develop (self-build?), Examine their own toys with enthusiasm, as well as repair.
  • Autonomy in the repair of your own bicycle? – early understanding, understanding of mechanical functions of a toy, e.g. bicycle
  • Boredom as the breeding ground for creativity?
  • ⇑ Coherence formation (association of brain cells to hearing loops (giant astrocytes, Betz cells) as on a playground? – Since no play possibility – solutions given.

Unlike in playgrounds are play streets serve a fundamental basics for a simple creative exchange among children and also an simple physical minting of the nature.

  • Problem-solving / game development with simple materials
  • Relaxation through games site / natural Stimulus / no singular sensory overload (such as a PC)
  • physical conditioning of the Child (rain / cold / heat)
  • Integration of outsiders / neighborhood children = group formation and interaction
  • mutual self-control / self-examination of children within a social behavior or playing
  • mutual complement of skills within a group
  • Copy of behaviors / skills = Coping
  • reduced risk of accidents compared with playgrounds?
  • increased freedom of movement than on a playground
  • cost-effective implementation there is no play equipment, which must be maintained as by playgrounds
  • react & watch from simple physical reactions / behaviors
  • Parents come back to your duty of care and can also watch your child betterGame roads serve to cope with process & Tire brain development.It is known that in 1930 approximately 100 road games were known and today only 1-10 of free games out there. Just ask your child !

    Effects from a long-term durability training:

  • Increased immunoactivity / immunoresistance
  • Increased ATP reserves in muscles – these are destroyed by drugs, or not expanded! These include, in particular, alcohol compounds also sugar = glycole
  • increased bone density
  • (For comparison, a bodybuilder trains 3 times a day in the spectrum of the maximum force and has an increased fat metabolism – which can lead to myocardial infarction (brain – liver – kidney …). The bike is about 6-11h a day On the road and is thereby approximately 20 times especially in the case of downhill runs to a maximum load. High performance = moderate muscle size !!!