Great love is like a drug and has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality. It has something to do with self-surrender / care and the infinitely blind trust in another person. Love is charity, the great love, love for oneself, love as a form of trust & for a normal living together in a community & as a sympathizer in the therapy.

Symptom: shaky knees, feeling unwell, lump in the throat – nausea, stomach (intestine!) Turns around, slight attacks of vertigo, palpable muscle weakness, heart tachycardia.

Physiology: Serotonin excess produce from the intestine – which is diffuses into the brain (Cortex).

Loving people has no sufferings of civilization diseases. Love has healed thought depression for so long – if it benefits, of course, from the partner. Did not wish the love that this depression, even with a manic psychotic behavior. There are scientists who even have Parkinson’s and by the love of a partner keep the dopamine level high! Also replaced here love with medicines!

Love transforms warriors into challenges.

Effects: Fast learning = formation of coherence in various brain centers higher awareness / awareness hardly any lifestyle diseases higher resilience (physical & mental) Developing new skills … therapeutic & preventive against Parkinson’s / depression = higher dopamine levels Deep relaxation = inner peace / satisfaction / serenity Affect-rich, solution-competent acting – mutual strengthening & care with gentleness Love carries people in the hand – disempowered – one becomes defenseless and carries one’s inner being to the outside – love transforms wars into challenges.

The wonderful their ensemble the way of the collectivity of the collectivity.

It is nice if we find a person / partner who is blind to our inner self, who recognizes the mistake / fears of the partner. As well as willing to take a common risky path to grow together – to reach new capabilities and horizons. An inner balance is created. And a highly respectful / equal relationship leads to each other. A blind understanding without words. Since material things are no longer important. Where one complements and does not dictate. Is our corporate form looking for this one great love?

Are we ready to found love? Test your love? Re pulling?  The risk of being badly hurt / disappointed? To give children a new parent / mindset / more quit – relaxed handling? We only ask if we hide the negative and focus only the positive? Without expectations following the feeling where this love leads? The real love would hold a life long?

Love is above all when the partners recognize each other’s innermost wishes / thoughts. It is also said that some couples had the same dream with each other at night – even though they are separate.

Love should also count as a principle of social hygiene – and can usually only be approximated in parts.

One form of love can be a spiritual brain fire – that gives rise to new technologies in science. Started by networking brain cells in the researchers.

How do legal drugs prevent the feeling / willingness to love? Soon here…