Halasana by lumbar spine pain

This patient had severe back pain in the latter vertebral segments of L4-L5 and this exercise resulted in immediate symptom relief.

Halasana Exercise:

In this case, the anterior parts of the discs are compressed and thus the nucleus Nucl. Pulposus is expressed to the rear, at the same time open the neuroforamina (nerve exit sites) of the spine.
Had the patient had pain during this exercise, this would be an indication that the exiting Nucl. press the pulposus (nucleus nucleus) on the underlying nerve branch. In addition, the extensor musculature of the lumbar spine is distended. Beware of untrained / cardiac loaded patients. The exercise was pain relieving Рat the beginning slightly pulling in the LWS implemented. In some painful herniated discs in patients this exercise had also helped Рwhere Halasana caused the most intense painful. If this pain had occurred right Рthe exercise would have been stopped immediately.
Doctors and therapists work together with patients to achieve a painless starting position.