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  • Why do some children react like the Zappelphilip or are they just inattentive?Definition of DIMDI = German Institute for Medical Documentation and InformationRoot cause:due to an under-supply of glucose in the right cerebral hemisphere, these children compensate for this with more exercise, attention (adrenaline), which in turn should result in more glucose in the right cerebral hemisphere. That’s why it makes a Zappelphillip right!Therapy?
  • long walks? Mountain hut? would be synonymous solution
  • Road games! Clear cars off the streets and provide children with an interactive, free game environment that can allow parents to watch as well.
  • Inclusion of children – no loners!
  • Integration in performance-oriented sports clubs (3 times a week training + competitions (without driving but only with calm balanced coaches!))
  • Please note that the children have a high sense of justice.
  • balanced diet and as a snack bread no sweets – it is best to completely completely on sweets completely
  • Sports Therapy is old-fashioned – as it used to be integrated into psychiatric services (and performed by physiotherapists!) – it is likely to be replaced by pharmaceutical therapies today.