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Anthrax Crystal Structure of Lumazine Synthase from Bacillus Anthracis X-ray diffraction 3.5Å resolution

Ebola Virus – without any Genome = RNA – Ions-Catching-System?

This is just a section of an Ebola virus. You cannot see RNA in the center, only ions. Every virus is defined by its RNA genome structure! The Ebola proteins presumably screw themselves through ion-rich tissue and cause a collapse there – since this presumably implements hyperdiffusion / superhydrophily by Na+ ions (pulls into the center of the Ebola virus). Wherever the mass exchange is high. Therefore, it causes internal bleeding like in the liver (venous network of miracles(dense concentration of blood)). Therefore, it causes internal bleeding like in the liver (venous network of miracles (increased concentration of blood)). Adding this that the Na + ions are hydrophilic and H20 (water) is following . So it could be that the Ebola protein ring matrix is an H (hydrogen) drive. Since viruses act almost at the atomic level, they need a new understanding …

Have a more look at these nice colorful 3D Viruses datasets to know more about these little kindly atomic things.

Real 3D Viruses from Science – Database – or they are external Vesicles?

No proof of the existence of viruses has currently been given – since the genome (RNA) is missing in all 3D objects and a virus is defined in medicine by its genome. These frozen 3D objects were downloaded from scientific databases (where all universities in the USA / Europe / China upload their data) and scientifically processed. Unfortunately no genome = RNA has been found so far – so are they just extracellular vesicles (which supply cells with ions)? Please send us a record of a measles / influenza / COVID19 Virus – so that we can marvel it in 3D.
A final 100% confirmation of its function in movement / activity is possible with the most expensive electron microscope = the

Most likely there will be no filter / mask that can filter out atoms / viruses / external vesicles (containers with ions).

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller had one of the first institutes near Darmstadt for pathology and quick sections and said that every person has tuberculin nodules in the lungs and thus has lived through the TBC, be it as a cold or the flu. Our ciliated epithelium in the lungs has tripled in the past 60 years – as pollution has increased. So there will never be a TB pandemic. Except for people, behave in such a way that no contamination of pathogens takes place / is prevented and thus contribute to a weakening of the immune system.

Dr. Lanka – who already said in the 90s that there are no viruses – and in 2016 before the OLG (higher regional court) Stuttgart with experts from the RKI proved that there is no measles virus. In Germany there has been a compulsory measles vaccination in medicine since spring 2020.

Zika-VirusBacteriophage T7Dengue-VirusHepatitis-B-Virus

DNS - Analyzer (Electrophoresis)

  • 20-30% error rate

    Excel like data sheets with genome

  • only in the result of the genome change = success recognizable -
    by e.g. Muscle growth

  • Danger of false statements with new objects in the
    atomic space

  • No official control system available

3D Dataset Electron Microscopy / micro X-Ray

  • Error rate ?%?

  • wrong description of the 3D object

  • re-evaluation of the scanned 3D object

  • new functions recognizable (especially if objects could move - but are currently set in cryostasis)

  • Review of current science (confirm
    chemical-physical processes?)

  • interaction of different objects with each other
    Cell level down to the subatomic level

  • Confirm / refute various viruses / objects

    this is what a Virus should look like

  • Look inside of an "Virus" of this objects shown here at they are empty? (only with an Membrane & Glycocalix) - without an GENOME or an RNS structure.

  • Crystal structure and mutational analysis of the endoribonuclease from human Corona-Virus 229E X-ray diffraction 2.96Å

    Backbone model of an aquareovirus virion by cryo-electron microscopy and bioinformatics EM 4.5Å

    Life in the extremes: atomic structure of Sulfolobus Turreted Icosahedral Virus Electron Microscopy 4.5 Å

    Dengue-Virus 1 cryo-EM reconstruction Electron Microscopy 4.5Å

    Structure of a transcribing cypovirus by cryo-electron microscopy Electron Microscopy 4.1Å

    Cryo-EM reconstruction of poliovirus-receptor complex Electron Microscopy 3.7Å

    The structure of Cocksackie Virus A10 procapsid from its complex with Fab 2G8 Electron Microscopy 4,2Å