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Masks – or not?

For the purposes of the, the following applies:

  1. Cpt. Picar (Star Trek) would also have worn a childish hat (pot holder with pompons) in a new civilization to communicate with these people. It’s the same with masks. Please note and wear masks. Since this government does not want to have any knowledge about clinical hygiene and everyone gets infected in bus + train – which practice / clinic sterilizes (120 degrees Celsius under 60 min vacuum) the door handles after each patient? Infection within your eye mucose as entry point. In Africa they had a doorknob problem with Ebola (for which there are medicines) …!
  2. 100 doctors in Leipzig demonstrate against Corona measures – 90% of the operations did not take place in 2020 … How many people died of it?
  3. Zurich child psychiatrist sounds the alarm – many depressions & more …
  4. Neubrandenburg chief pediatrician gives a lecture on masks….
  5. In construction, people do not have to wear masks … unless they are dealing with dust = silicosis (silicate lungs) 🙂 & (The children from the country are the most resistant …. Also live more in dirt (nature !!!))
  6. How many dirt bacteria live in your intestines and keep your metabolism up there? Over 1 million?
  7. Sydney government takes off face masks … only if you have COVID …
  8. Minimize anxiety (are psychiatric hospitals overrun with anxiety psychoses?)
  9. Experience challenges / learning as an enrichment / discovery COVID immunization = increase? = Strengthen the immune system through ANNA training & reduce aggression with a positive change of focus (think of something nice) and use the ANNA training to work off yourself (also works against depression)
  10. implement loving action and thus counteract indifference and coldness – implement neighborhood help …
  11. Canada’s Ministry of Health warns of harmful graphene in masks
  12. The Vienna Administrative Court lifts CORONA restrictions on freedom of demonstration on March 24, 21. Since it cannot be restricted according to Art. 11 Para. 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). In addition, the court does not consider the FFP2 mask to be protectable / PCR tests not meaningful.
  13. Masks prevent our immune system from learning more = contamination – since we have good resistance to tuberculosis TBC today – we do not know what the future development of our immune system will look like.
  14. Weimar District Court: Judgment 9 F 148/21 = mask requirement and rapid tests are prohibited at Weimar Schools and required to maintain normal school operations – masks also lead to psychological / physical / educational damage.
  15. An administrative law (Dr. Söder did his doctorate in this) is currently above the basic laws in Germany – this speaks for itself. – With a death rate with COVID19 of 0.1% – according to the epidemiologist Mrs. Dr. Lauterbach (EX-wife).
  16. By filling in entry / transit forms / web portals that do not work and promises travelers a quarantine period of 10 days for entry into Austria (only applies to citizens who stay in Austria for more than 12 hours and not for transit traffic (travelers)) ( comparable to the exit applications of the GDR) (filled in replacement entry form in Germany is sufficient – because the web portal does not work – without Java (who did not switch it on in the browser …?) (showed no reaction :)). Anyone who does not fill it out pays a fine of € 250 and the RKI decides with a glass ball whether you have to be in quarantine. For Italy, fill in this form – ask your lawyer if you have to sign these forms? Since this looks like a declaration of consent. You definitely need a COVID19 test – which has been confirmed in writing by witnesses / at best by a medical certificate. This applies to 2021 – what the next few years will look like is questionable. Thus we slide into a black / white form of society = as vaccinated / not vaccinated / corona positive / negative. We humans don’t make tests. The definition of human consists in his own free creative thinking, acting, striving and creating self-determined solutions. Only narcissists are incapable of learning and criticism …? Incidentally, you will find the quarantine regulations of Bavaria here – people do not need to have been abroad for 5 days / only stay in Bavaria for 72 hours / they break their leg on vacation – then medical treatment in Germany is without home. Quarantine permitted. Or you are a member of foreign armed forces of NATO – because the little virus is afraid of NATO weapons. Disclaimer: Ask the relevant general embassy in Berlin for Italy / Austria / Germany – something can change here.
  17. Not for fear of a Russian invasion (fear of the population?): In 2020, the rest of Austria ordered 30 small wheeled armored vehicles and another 30 in 2021. Australia placed one of the largest orders with German Rheinme…, the largest wheeled armored vehicle, Boxer. This has relocated production internationally – to AUD.
  18. Surely nobody wants to know about the nuclear risk in Europe looks like now? – there only Austria and Switzerland … without. Germany is the arsenal of the US occupying power …? Rammstein … drone control for Africa (about 10000 Predator …?) How many pharmaceutical companies are German-American? … Where is the biotech development laboratory of the German Siem …? In Germany? How is it that an IS400 / 500 missile defense system flies in the hypersonic range of over 20,000km / h? In comparison, a projectile from an AK-47 (Kalaschnikowa) with a muzzle velocity of 745m / s x 60 sec x 60min = 2682km / h. Fighter jets fly manned up to 3000km / h manned (afterwards the blood simply sucks up into the legs too much (varicose veins? 🙂 ; SU-57 unmanned at 6000km / h = drone …?) … Rockets also only fly up to 8000km / h …. Also nice how do you get such a hole – which isn’t a crater (physical question)? Are physical tools superior to chemical weapons / tools? There are more answers to membership or inquiries… 🙂 The rejects all weapons. There are solutions for this in technical form …