Comparison geneticist virologist vs SEM Scannining Electron Microscope & XRAY

DNS - Analyzer (Electrophoresis)

  • 20-30% error rate

  • Excel-like data sheets with genome

    Source: //

  • only in the result of the genome change = success recognizable -
    by e.g. Muscle growth

  • Danger of false statements with new objects in the
    atomic space

  • No official control system available

3D Dataset Electron Microscopy

  • Error rate ?%?

  • wrong description of the 3D object

  • re-evaluation of the scanned 3D object

  • new functions recognizable (especially if objects could move - but are currently set in cryostasis)

  • Review of current science (confirm
    chemical-physical processes?)

  • interaction of different objects with each other
    Cell level down to the subatomic level

  • Confirm / refute various viruses / objects

  • this is what a virus should look like (an internal RNS in RED is visible):

    Source: //

  • The "viruses" of the 3D objects shown here on, however, are hollow in the center:

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